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  • bone-in-carcase-skin-on-skin-off-4500

    Goat Carcase - Skin on/Skin Off

    Carcase Skin On or Skin Off includes all parts of the body skeletal musculature and bone, extending to and including the hock joint (tarsus) and knee joint (carpus), all cervical vertebrae and up to five coccygeal vertebrae.

    Carcase cut into more than 2 (two) pieces will be described as: Carcase Pieces.
    Carcase cut into 6 pieces are described as: Carcase Pieces 6 way cut.
    All primal cuts must be retained with the possible exception of the Tenderloin.

  • six-way-cut9

    Bone in six way 4600

    1. Trimmed to AUS-MEAT Std carcase
    2. Diaphragm retained or removed
    3. Tail removal point
    4. Inclusion of additional pieces to meet a minimum weight
    5. Prepared as 6 way cut (Leg, Loin, Shoulder)
  • breast-flap-50109

    Breast Flap 5010

    1. Diaphragm retained.
    2. Breast and Flap retained in one piece
    3. Extendion of the dorsal cutting line
  • leg-chump-off-48204

    Leg chump off 4820

    1. Tail removal point
    2. Sacrum retained or removed
    3. Channel fat: retained, partial or complete removal
    4. Shank Tipped
    5. Leg tendon retained or removed
    6. Chump removal cutting line distance
  • leg-chump-off-shank-off-48301

    leg chump off shank off 4830

    1. Tail removal point
    2. Sacrum removed
    3. Specify: Chump cutting lines (cranial) to acetabulum
    4. Patella bone removed
    5. Specify surface fat trim level
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