About Us

MastLink Australia, first-class quality,” Our company’s beef, sheep and goat meat products are contingent on quality and health, with the pursuit of supplying Australia’s finest and world-renowned meat produce with the upmost standards. MastLink Australia is equipped with modern processing technologies and the most stringent production monitoring systems to ensure the provision of high-quality beef, sheep and goat products to all of our customers. All processing and sourcing is based in Australia as we recognise the importance of localised handling of our products to guarantee that our meat products are being handled by experienced and local producers. MastLink Australia have established various reliable marketing channels all over Australia to provide customers attentive service, whilst at the same time allowing customers to truly gauge the finest meat produce Australia has to offer.

MastLink Australia places the highest priority on quality assurance of our beef, sheep and goat meat products and is dedicated on providing reasonable pricing for all our products. Our company have invested heavily in modern and humane abattoir practices and thus pride ourselves on our reliability and care.

In order to help our customers in finding the best quality meat products, our purchasing department is cooperating directly with abattoirs Australia-wide, eliminating the intermediate links and therefore reducing product prices. Our company has been authorised by government departments with the exportation and importation of meat products and are well-accustomed to the formal customs procedures- allowing for swift and efficient servicing to all our customers. Our staff and sales team are eager to ensure that the needs and requirements of our customers are satisfied.

MastLink Australia are experienced in the exporting industry and have exported to China, the United States, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the Middle East and as a result have built up an established reputation in the overseas market. In order to meet the growing demand of the meat market in China, our company is also in the process of expanding our own farms and abattoirs throughout Australia. MastLink Australia is also registered in China and is looking to expand worldwide.