Egypt temporarily bans Brazilian beef

The recent positive result of an atypical BSE case in Brazil, in Mato Grosso state, has resulted in restrictions on Brazilian beef. Peru has placed a temporarily ban (180 days) on all Brazilian beef, while Egypt has specifically banned beef from Mato Grosso state.

Egypt has partially banned beef from Brazil, applying restrictions on beef from Mato Grosso state, with a temporarily ban of 180 days. Brazilian beef exports to Egypt, for the first four months of the year totalled 48,450 tonnes swt, up 91% year-on-year, with shipments from Mato Grosso state representing 25% of total exports or 12,074 tonnes swt. Since 2001, Egypt has been one of the major destinations for Brazilian fresh beef, averaging 110,000 tonnes swt annually for the last five years.

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