Sheep Market in Victoria

MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service reported that the seep supply was decreased by 4% last week to 62,631 head. Bendigo yardings were firm, at the same time, supply at Horsham increased to total 13,038 head. Ballarat and Hamilton throughput decreased by 13% and 12%, to 19,081 head and 12,397 head, respectively.

The market was shaped around quality this week, with reports across all centres of plainer light weight lambs being offered. Heavier lambs carrying more weight and finish were in limited supply at Ballarat and Horsham and, as a result, prices were generally dearer. Restockers from the south east at Horsham were active, helping to push the market higher. The prices at Bendigo was eased in the beginning of this week, however, come Wednesday competition improved at Horsham and Hamilton. There were some good quality lines of Merino wethers at Ballarat and Hamilton, both of long and short wool.

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